Border Striders

Results 2016

LUCINDA CROUCH extended her unbeaten record in the steeple at Nationals to 4 at the 2016 Australian All-Schools U/18 girls 2km in hot, fly-blown Canberra on December 2-4. She had to overcome a severe back spasm to claim gold in an even-split 6.46. CALLUM DAVIES starred in a classy U/18 boys 3000m, lowering his PB to 8.37 for bronze after a sprint to the line with Rio Paralympian Jarryd Clifford. LARA CROUCH was the only runner to challenge favourite Keely Small in the U/16 girls 1500m eventually settling for bronze in 4.36. A special acknowledgement to AMELIA SCHOFIELD, who runs with us and who broke through for her first national medal in the 3000m walk (specialist coach Robyn Wales). ANNA JONES (1500m), ISSI BURDON (800m) and CALLUM DAVIES (1500m) all placed 4th while SEAN RYAN PB’d the 800m in 2mins-flat.


Morgan Mathews launched our State Schools Championship season with a bronze medal in the 14year girls 1500m (4.55) at the NSW All-Schools in Sydney on October 17.

At the NSW Primarys, Ayva Samuelson was named fist reserve for the Nationals in the 12yrs 800m after her PB 2.28.

The Queensland Primary Champ’s at QE11 October 18-19 saw PBs galore by our runners, 6 medals and 5 national qualifiers:

SILVER     Ruby Hughes  10yr Girls 800m  2.32

                  M.J.Lowe  10yr Boys 800m  2.26 

                  Trista Hockey  11yr Girls Multi (800m/2.35)

BRONZE   Maicey Lynch  11yr Girls 800m  2.27 

                  Amy Partrige  12yr Girls 800m  2.23  

                  Ethan Smith  12yr Boys Multi  (800m/2.27)

And finally, a world youth qualifier in the steeple by LUCINDA CROUCH highlighted our 20-medal haul (9 golds!) at the Queensland Secondary School titles (Oct.20-23 at QE11). Lucinda’s 6.37.51 eclipsed the former world junior record of another Border Striders runner, MELISSA ROLLISON, from 1998. This means we have the two best Queensland junior steeplechasers in history. Doubles to CALLUM DAVIES and ELLE RUTHERFORD, the DAVIES-LACHLAN COWLEY 3000m quinella and making up half the field in the 14yr girls 1500m final were other highlights.


Callum Davies    17yrs  1500m   3.58

Callum Davies    17yrs  3000m   8.46

Isabelle Burdon  17yrs   800m    2.11

Lucinda Crouch  16/17yrs 2km steeple  6.37 (#6 All-time Australian)

Justin Currie       16yrs   800m    1.55

Jack Salcedo      15yrs  1500m   4.14

Elle Rutherford    14yrs  800m    2.12

Elle Rutherford    14yrs 1500m   4.35

Trent Darbyshire  14yrs  800m   2.00


Lachlan Cowley           17yrs    3000m     8.49

Lucinda Crouch           16yrs    1500m     4.33

Leah Simpson             15yrs     800m      2.11

Lara Crouch                15yrs     1500m    4.41

Sean Ryan                  15yrs      800m     2.01

Mackenzey Ormiston  14/15yrs 3000m  10.20

Alex Olders                 14/15yr MC 800m (2.29/86%)

Alex Olders                 14/15yr MC 1500m (5.05/87%)


Lachlan Cowley   17yrs  1500m   4.01

Anna Jones         13yrs    800m   2.16

Anna Jones         13yrs  1500m   4.41

Note:- Amelia Schofield won gold in the 13yrs 3000m walk (15.49) to join our huge list of national qualifiers.

Stop Press:-Oscar Rutherford (2.17) and Jayden Morris (2.19) qualified for the Australian U/14 boys 800m.

Stop Stop Press:- Alanasia Malone was also selected for Australian All Schools being held in Canberra December 2-4, giving us 14 in the Heat Team.


Cold, drizzling conditions made it tough for our 27 -strong contingent at the Australian Cross-Country Championships in Canberra on August 20. The standouts were our world interschool champion LUCINDACROUCH who won her fifth Australian Cross medal; and unheralded AMYPARTRIDGE whose sensational national debut left her just 3secs shy of the gold medal. MACKENZEY ORMISTON also gets a nod for her 4th placing in the U/16s (first 14 year old) with her time good enough to medal in the U/18s. We had eight runners in the top 10 plus our two medallists:

BRONZE  Lucinda Crouch  U18yrs 4km  14.20

BRONZE  Amy Partridge  U14yrs  3km  10.50

The Queensland Junior and 10km Championships at Maleny on July 30 featured a “hill from hell” at the finish. Special congrat’s to Sam Chapel on his first state medal after a blanket finish with squad member Angus James.


Lily Dolton U20 6km  24.07

Keely Whittaker  U/16 4km  15.44

Anna Jones  U/14  3km  11.37


Lucinda Crouch U/18 4km 15.25

Samuel Chapel  U/10 1km 3.49

Eleven of our runners made the Queensland “Heat” team for Nationals:

John Lean (Open/AC), Lily Dolton, Marlie Campton, Ebony Wilson, Grace Lewis (AC)  and Jayden Waldron (U20),  Taya Hosking, Brianna Campton and Sean Ryan (U/16), Emma-Kate Watt and Laura Chapel  (U/14). That gives us a neat 30 starters in Canberra. Congratulations to all.

An absolute “slog-fest in mud” (like Roma and Oakbank some years back) aptly describes the Queensland Schools Cross Country Championships at Maryborough Showgrounds on July 17. We led with 3 gold medals, and 17 have qualified for Nationals so far.


Chloe McLennan 14G 4000m

Amy Partridge 12G 3000m

MJ Lowe  10B 2000m


Lucinda Crouch  16G 4000m


Leah Simpson  15G 4000m

Jaxon Patterson-Wright  14B 4000m

OTHER NATIONAL QUALIFIERS were Callum Davies and Lachlan Cowley (17s), Keely  Whittaker & Jack Salcedo (15s), Mackenzey Ormiston & Tayla Behr  (14s), Anna Jones, Jack Partridge & Laura Chapel (Heat team)(13s), Trista Hockey (11G) & Emily Olders (10G). Congratulations on succeeding in shocking conditions. 

On July 22 the NSW All-Schools Cross-Country Championships took place at a “heavy under-foot” Eastern Creek course. MORGAN MATHEWS led the way with a silver medal in the 14yr girls 4000m to gain automatic selection in the NSW team. JOSH MUMFORD’S 7th in the 15yr boys 4000m also qualified him for the Nationals.

Good luck to all in Canberra. Take gloves and a beanie that covers ears.


Two stars, KYAH ANDERSON and CAIDEN MACFARLANE, were born at the Queensland All Schools Cross Country titles on April 30 at Kedron. Our 19 medal haul also featured three national qualifiers – state junior track champ LACHLAN COWLEY (photographer extraodinaire who took the ultimate “selfie”), Australian Youth Triathlon silver medallist KEELY WHITTAKER and the unheralded LAURA CHAPEL.


Kyah Anderson         9yrG  1500m    5.29

Caiden Macfarlane   8yrB   1000m   3.39


Lachlan Cowley   17yrB   6km   20.27

Keely Whittaker   15yrG   4km   15.20

Laura Chapel       13yrG 3km  11.16

Jascha Raymond  11yrB  3km  10.55

Emma Dreyzin-Howell  10yrG  2km  7.53

Leo Llewellyn   8yrB   1km   3.40

Belle Regan   8yrG   1km   4.03


Marlie Campton – NSW –  18/19yrG  6km   26.24

Reid Zemek  18/19yrB   8km   32.49

Emily Raeburn – NSW –   16yrG   4km   15.58

Drew Younger 15yrG   4km   15.32

Tayla Behr  14yrG  4km  15.22

Oscar Rutherford   12yrB   3km   10.26

Dakota Farrell-Thomas   12yrG   3km  11.13

MJ Lowe  10yrB  2km   7.39

Ruby Hughes  10yrG  2km   8.07

Emily Gallagher   8yrG   1km   4.05

Congratulations also to KRISTY RIGBY (bronze in U/20 4km, 16.01) and PAUL SCURR (silver in masters 45-50yrs 4km, 14.33).


A National All-Time #10 performance by CARA FEAIN-RYAN and a three-in-a-row steeple gold by LUCINDA CROUCH highlighted our squad’s 12-medal haul at the 2016 Australian Junior Championships conducted in a Perth furnace March 8-13. Cara’s 6.40 elevated her to #10 woman in Australian history (thanks Paul Ryan for the stat’s). Lucinda PB’d her steeple (6.49) to complete a rare trifecta. CALLUM DAVIES went from “under the radar” to national 3000m champ courtesy of a 25sec final 200m, and was the only Queensland boy to win a middle distance gold medal, while ELIN WALTERS announced her arrival on the national stage with her first gold in the steeple. ANNA JONES won her 1500m gold twice, once when the bellringer went early and she sprinted the third lap, then again after regrouping to hold them off on the fourth (PB 4.41)!


Callum Davies  U18 3000m  8.40

Cara Feain-Ryan  U18 2km Steeple  6.40

Lucinda Crouch  U17 2km Steeple  6.48

Elin Walters  U15 2km Steeple  7.19

Anna Jones  U14 1500m  4.41


Lucinda Crouch  U17 1500m   4.29

Justin Currie  U17 800m   1.55

Lara Crouch  U16 800m   2.10

Mackenzey Ormiston  U15  3000m   9.57

Anna Jones  U14 800m   2.16


India Williams  U18 800m  2.12

Lara Crouch  U16 1500m   4.28


State Little Athletics Championships on March 19-20 at QEII saw gold medal winners MACKENZEY ORMISTON, REBECCA WEBB and KYAH ANDERSON lead our 14 medal haul.


Mackenzey Ormiston  U14 1500m   4.51

Rebecca Webb  U10 800m   2.34

Kyah Anderson  U9 800m   2.45


Alanasia Malone U16 800m   2.23

Mackenzey Ormiston  U14 800m   2.24

Ciana Jamieson  U14 1500m   5.01

Emma-Kate Watt  U12 1500m   5.14

Emma-Kate Watt  U12 800m   2.32


Alanasia Malone  U16 1500m   5.00

Jamison Stovin  U15 800m   2.11

Ciana Jamieson  U14 800m   2.27

Ethan Smith  U12 1500m   5.01

Jayda Anderson  U11 1500m   5.25

Trista Hockey  U11 800m  2.34


An equal record 19 golds (45% of total) highlighted our 34 medal distance haul at the Queensland Junior Championships held at QEII February 11-14. Special congrats to LACHLAN COWLEY and CALLUM DAVIES who recorded the fastest 1500m times of any age. QA named 27 of our runners in the Heat Team for the Nationals in Perth.


Cara Feain-Ryan  U20 3000m steeple  10.45

Jordan Pizzica  U20 3000m steeple  10.29

India Williams  U18 1500m  4.43

India Williams  U18 800m  2.16

Lachlan Cowley  U18 1500m  4.00

Lachlan Cowley  U18 800m  1.58

Callum Davies  U18 3000m  8.55

Lucinda Crouch  U17 2000m steeple  7.06

Justin Currie  U17 800m  1.58

Lara Crouch  U16 1500m 4.39

Lara Crouch  U16 800m  2.15

Brianna Campton  U16 3000m  10.36

Mackenzey Ormiston  U15 3000m  10.15

Mackenzey Ormiston  U15 1500m  4.47

Daniel Webb  U15 2000m steeple  7.40

Elle Rutherford  U15 800m  2.21

Trent Derbyshire  U15 800m  2.09

Anna Jones  U14 1500m  4.51

Anna Jones  U14 800m  2.24


Ben Cook  Open 5000m  14.43

Marlie Campton  U20 800m  2.20  Prime Coach Eric Brown

Callum Davies  U18 1500m 4.01

Hugh Williamson  U17 2000m Steeple  6.39

Lucinda Crouch  U17 1500m  4.34

Sean Ryan  U16 1500m  4.24

Leah Simpson  U16 800m  2.16

Elin Walters  U15 200m Steeple  7.20


Cara Feain Ryan  U18 1500m  4.52

Louisa Scott-Young  U17 2000m Steeple  7.51

Josh Chapel  U16 3000m  9.47

Sean Ryan  U16 800m  2.08

Erika Gage  U16 2000m Steeple  8.00

Ellie Ryan  U15 800m  2.23

Tayla Behr  U15 3000m  10.36

Jack Partridge  U14 1500m  4.49

ANNA JONES clocked a massive PB 2.16 to capture her first national medal, a gold, in the 12yrs 800m at the Australian Primary Schools championships in Canberra. LARA PERT also qualified for the Junior Nationals with her PB 2.23 in the Multi Event 800m, clinching gold for her as well. We also won 4 medals at the Secondary Schools Nationals in Melbourne, while LACHLAN COOK’S pb 8.15 in the Zatopek 3000m puts him on track for a World Junior qualifier over 5000m.


Anna Jones  12yrs 800m  2.16

Lara Pert  12yrs Multi Event 2.23 800m


Cara Feain-Ryan  16/17yrs steeple  6.54

Ellie Ryan  13yrs 1500m  4.37


Courtney Thwaites  14/15yrs Steeple  7.09

Lara Crouch   14/15yrs 1500m    4.30

Rebecca Webb  10yrs 800m   2.31

Trista Hockey   10yrs Multi-Event  2.40 (800m)