Border Striders

Results 2014

The Australian All-Schools titles in Adelaide on December 5-7 saw OLIVIA BURDON star with gold in the 16-17yrs 1500m. Her 4.23 was a 6 second PB and just a second outside the qualifying time for next year’s World Youth Champ’s in Colombia. LARA CROUCH took 7 seconds off the championship record in the 13yrs 1500m (4.26 / 8 sec. PB) to nab silver. Border Striders had six medal-winners, equal to Victoria and ahead of every other state except NSW!

GOLD         Olivia Burdon            16-17yrs     1500m            4.23

SILVER      Brodie Modini            16-17yrs     1500m            3.56

Issi Burdon                14-15yrs      800m             2.12

Lachlan Cowley         14-15yrs    1500m            4.03

Lara Crouch              13yrs          1500m            4.26

BRONZE    Justin Currie             14-15yrs     3000m            9.09

A special mention to JAMISON STOVIN who has run with us periodically. He won the National 13yrs 3000m walk under coach Steve Langley. Likewise CASSIDY ORMISTON (Coach Poly Fung) made a creditable debut in the long jump.


The national schools championship season kicked off with the Australian Primary Schools at Tasmanian outpost Penguin on Nov.29-30. ELLE RUTHERFORD became only the fourth girl in a quarter of a century to win the 800m title in each of the 10, 11 and 12 year age categories.

GOLD             Elle Rutherford      12yrs      800m                  2.18

BRONZE        Lara Pert                11yrs Multi-Event       (800m/2.29)

                       Harrison Turner      10yrs Multi-Event       (800m/2.28)

* Genesis CC teacher Joel White had major input into our multi-eventers


Athletics championship season kicked off for the 2014 / 15 year with the NSW All Schools held at Sydney Olympic Park on October 8 – 12.

SILVER          Brianna Campton         13yrs    1500m                4.42.49

BRONZE       Cara Feain-Ryan          15yrs    2000m Steeple   7.27.33

                      Cara Feain-Ryan          15yrs    1500m                4.48.47

                      Brianna Campton          13yrs     800m                2.15.03

                      Morgan Mathews          12yrs    1500m                5.13.91

Brianna’s 1500m result qualifies her for Nationals in Adelaide on December 5-7.

Moving north of the border, the Queensland Primary titles at QSAC on Oct.15 saw us win 33% of the 800m medals, one up on last year:

GOLD           Elle Rutherford              12yrs                                2. 20

SILVER         Ellie Ryan                      12yrs                               2.20

   Lara Pert                       11yrs                               2.27

  Gabbi Martin                  10yrs                               2.36

BRONZE      Anna Jones                   11yrs                                2.28

                     Harrison Turner             10yrs                                2.25

Primary Nationals this year are being held in Penguin (what the?!) We don’t know whether to be more amazed that a place called Penguin exists, or that a town of less than 4000 people on the remote north west coast of Tasmania gets to have a synthetic running track!

Also making the Nationals in Penguin on Nov.28-30 is Oscar Rutherford (Tetrathlon 10yrs champion/800m 2.26). Lara Pert (gold) and Harrison Turner (silver) also medalled in the Tetrathlon thanks to their school coach, Joel White.

The Queensland Secondary School titles at QSAC on October 23 – 26 saw us dominate for the seventh straight year with 19 middle distance medals (including 10 gold).

GOLD         Jack Taylor             18-19yrs          5000m                 16.12

Lilli Burdon                16yrs             1500m                  4.30

Brodie Modini            16yrs             1500m                  4.02

Issi Burdon                15yrs              800m                   2.15

April Scurr                 15yrs             1500m                  4.44

Lachlan Cowley         15yrs             1500m                 4.08

Lucinda Crouch         13-15yrs      2km Steeple          7.10

Justin Currie              14yrs               800m                 2.00

Justin Currie              14yrs             1500m                 4.14

Lara Crouch               13yrs             1500m                4.44

SILVER      Lilli Burdon              16-17yrs           3000m               10.01

Callum Davies            15yrs              800m                 2.01

India Williams             15yrs            1500m                 4.47

Lucinda Crouch       14-15yrs          3000m               10.15

Lachlan Cowley       14-15yrs          3000m                9.08

Jazmin Smith              14yrs              800m                2.16

Lara Crouch                13yrs              800m                2.18

Ryan Roberts              13yrs            1500m                4.24

Alex Olders                  AWD              800m                2.35

Alex Olders                  AWD             1500m            

BRONZE    Lucinda Crouch           14yrs             1500m              4.48

In addition to most of the above medallists, our race walkers Kenza Benzenati, Jamison Stovin and Michaela Woodward, 400m runners Scout Cooke and Rachel Pieszko, and Amelia Mabarrack (3000m) were selected for the National All-Schools. All up 18 representatives. Good luck to all!


The Australian Cross Country Championships were held in Albany WA on August 23, probably as far flung as it gets for those traveling from our corner of the country. The weather was glorious, the course was, well, what can I say? It wasn’t muddy? And the food was really good! Once again we held on to our status as the leading junior squad in the country, with 6 individual medals won, and the Queensland 12 year girls won team gold. Big congratulations to all.

GOLD             Mackenzey Ormiston  12yrs     3000m        10mins 44s

SILVER           Elena Green                U16      4000m         14mins 00s

    Jacquie Soden             U20 (school) 6000m 22mins 11s

BRONZE        Jacquie Soden             U20 (overall) 6000m

    Lilli Burdon                   U18     4000m          14mins 00s

    Lachlan Cook               U18     6000m          19mins 05s

Our Paul Scurr and David Morse made up half Queensland’s bronze medal-winning team in the open men. The state selectors rewarded Paul with a berth on Queensland’s team for the National Half-Marathon in Sydney on Sept.21.

Congratulations also to ADAM BUCHHORN (*Prime coach–David Smith, but does endurance with us) who won the Australian U/14 Road Walk title, (2km, 11min 04sec), also held in Albany.


Cross Country championship season kicked off on July 18 with our Tweed Squad athletes competing at the NSW All Schools Cross Country Carnival at the scenic (not) Eastern Creek raceway. Icy winds blowing straight off the Blue Mountains across the exposed course were unpleasant for both runners and spectators, but at least it stayed dry, and it was helpful to remember that this might be good conditioning for Nationals being held in Albany W.A. on August 23 where it is sure to be cold and we have also heard probably muddy.

Our NSW medallists were:

GOLD               Jacquie Soden               18yrs                    6km    23.32

Mackenzey Ormiston     12yrs primary       3km    12.19

SILVER             Brandon Copeland        18yrs                    8km    26.25

Morgan Mathews           12yrs secondary   3km    12.57

Finn Reece                    11yrs                    3km    12.14

BRONZE          Brianna Campton           13yrs                   3km     12.24

In addition to the above, Cara Feain-Ryan (15yrs) also gained selection to the NSW team to compete at Nationals.

Moving north of the border, the Queensland Primary Schools Cross Country Championships were also held on July 18, at John Paul College. Conditions here were coolish and very windy. We won eight medals (one short of our record) and qualified 11 for the Nationals.

GOLD               Ellie Ryan                       12yrs                   3km  10.40

SILVER            Tayla Behr                       12yrs                   3km  10.42

Jaxon Patterson-Wright  12yrs                   3km  10.02

Dakota Farrell-Thomas   10yrs                   2km   7.59

Jason Wulff                     10yrs                   2km   7.32

BRONZE          Elle Rutherford                12yrs                   3km  10.43

Anna Jones                     11yrs                   3km  11.23

Gabby Martin                  10yrs                   2km   8.02

Elin Walters and Chloe McLennan (both 12yrs) together with Sakura Sugiyama (10yrs) were also selected for the Nationals.

On July 20 we won a record 16 medals, including 6 golds, in the Queensland Secondary School titles run at Toowoomba’s Kearney Springs fields in perfect conditions.

GOLD               Lachlan Cook                  17yrs                 6km   19.08

Sophie Malowiecki          17yrs                 4km   13.45

Lilli Burdon                      16yrs                 4km   13.48

Elena Green                    15yrs                 4km   14.11

Katrina Robinson             14yrs                 4km  14.13

Lara Crouch                     13yrs                 3km  10.54

SILVER             Rebekah Matulis              18yrs                 6km  25.02

Jack Taylor                       18yrs                 8km  27.52

David Lean*                      16yrs                 6km 19.47

Bradley Warnes                15yrs                4km  13.03

Lucinda Crouch                14yrs                4km  14.32

Alex Olders                       13yrs AWD      3km   35%

BRONZE          Jeremy Briggs                   17yrs               6km   20.03

India Williams                    15yrs              4km   14.48

Courtney Thwaites            14yrs              4km   14.40 

Leah Simpson                   13yrs              3km   11.19

* prime coach Nicholas Toohey

Also selected for the Nationals were Keely Whittaker, Paris Shield, Alexander Stitt, Ryan Roberts and Harry Briggs (all 13yrs), Katey Brassey, Thwane Fouche, Callum Davies and Braelan Renton (14-15yrs), Amelia Mabarrack, Brodie Modini and Jordan Pizzica (16-17yrs).

Best result ever for any squad!

We won 16 medals (up from 10 last year) in the QA Cross-Country Championships held at Rivermount College on August 2. Conditions were perfect as our U/14 girls went 1-2-3-4-5.

GOLD               Lachlan Cook                   U/20                  8km   25.16

McKenzey Ormiston         U/14                 3km   10.16

Anna Jones                      U/12                  2km    6.56

Cooper Carswell               U/10                 1km    3.54

Tayden Tomich                  U/10                 1km    3.56

Paul Scurr                         45-54yrs          12km  43.45

SILVER             Louis McAfee                    U/20                 8km   25.19

Cara Feain-Ryan               U/16                4km   13.49

Chloe McLennan               U/14                3km   10.18

Ethan Smith                       U/12                2km    6.55

Kyah Anderson                  U/8                  1km    4.29

BRONZE          Bradley Warnes                 U/16                 4km  12.42

April Scurr                         U/16                 4km   14.01

Tayla Behr                         U/14                 3km   10.18

Hamish Moss                    U/12                 2km     7.01

Devon Bell                         U/12                2km     7.09

QA has named 14 of our runners in its Heat team for National Cross:- Christabel Kingdon, Morgan Mathews, Mackenzie Cullinane, Harley Nielsen, Sam Delaney (U/14), Alanasia Malone, April Scurr, India Williams, Rachel Pieszko, Lachlan Cowley (U/16), Isaac Hough (U/18), Eloise Carroll (U/20), David Morse and Paul Scurr (Open). Well done!

A further seven will race in WA after being promoted from the reserve list. Congratulations to Erika Gage & Jake Brooks(U/14), Anastasia Heikkila, Blake Lee-Obrien & Luke Kingdon (U/16), Alex Clements & Jaydon Waldron (U/18). Also Ryan Bidner (U/20) has joined us. 


New Zealand School Sport Cross Country championships 21 June

Bronze           Katrina Robinson           Yr 9

The Queensland All Schools Cross Country championships held on May 10 saw one of our best results ever, with 12 state champions and 25 medals (35% of the total), including trifectas in the 12 year girls and 14 year girls. A well deserved special mention to Katrina Robinson who achieved the longest winning streak in the event’s 54 year history with seven consecutive wins, and Lachlan Cook with six.

GOLD               Jacquie Soden (NSW)             18-19yrs

Rebekah Matulis                      18-19yrs

Lachlan Cook                           17yrs

Lilli Burdon                               16yrs

David Lean *                             16yrs

Elena Green                             15yrs

Katrina Robinson                      14yrs

Mackenzey Ormiston (NSW)    12yrs

Tayla Behr                                 12yrs

Anna Jones                               11yrs

Sakura Sugiyama                      10yrs

Alex Olders                                13-15yrs AWD

 * Prime coach Nich Toohey

SILVER            Jack Taylor                                  18-19yrs

April Scurr                                   15yrs

Lucinda Crouch                           14yrs

Lara Crouch                                 13yrs

Ellie Ryan                                     12yrs

Jaxon Paterson-Wright                 12yrs

Dakota Farrell-Thomas                 10yrs

Dakohta Soden *                           8yrs

 * Prime coach Mum

BRONZE          Brodie Modini                                16yrs

Courtney Thwaites                        14yrs

Leah Simpson                               13yrs

Ryan Roberts                                13yrs

Sophia Briggs (St Hilda’s)              5-7yrs


Athletes competing at the Queensland Little Athletics Championships in Cairns on the weekend of March 21-23 braved torrential rain, and scorching heat when the sun did come out. Border Striders achieved 19 medals, and two athletes, Harry Briggs and Brianna Campton, were selected on the State team to compete at the Australian Little Athletics championships on May 3.

GOLD               Braelan Renton              U15      800m        2.11      

Braelan Renton              U15     1500m       4.24

Courtney Thwaites         U14      800m        2.19

Courtney Thwaites         U14     1500m       4.50 rec.

Brianna Campton           U13      800m        2.21

Brianna Campton           U13     1500m       4.57

Daniel Webb                  U12      1500m       4.54  

Dakota Farrell-Thomas  U10       800m        2.44

SILVER             Jayden Waldron              U16     1500m       4.27

Christian Ridley               U14      800m        2.16

Chritstian Ridley              U14     1500m       4.44

Harry Briggs                    U13       800m       2.18

Harry Briggs                    U13      1500m      4.40

Issi Schofield                   U12      1500m     5.19

Amelia Schofield             U11       1500m     5.40

BRONZE          Jayden Waldron              U16        800m      2.08

India Williams                 U14        1500m    5.04

Caitlin Boyle                   U12        1500m    5.19

Issi Schofield                  U12          800m    2.38


A total of 15 medals won at the Australian Junior Championships at Sydney Olympic Park on March 12-16 was a new Border Striders record.

There were some thrills and spills, notably Lachlan Cook storming home after a fall in the Under 18 mens 1500m heat to successfully qualify for the final. Brodie Modini retained his title of unbeaten Australian Junior Champion in the 1500m when he brilliantly won the Under 17 mens event.  The usual extreme weather saw the under 14 girls being pulled off the start line for the 1500m final when a lighting storm passed over just at the wrong time, much to the disgust of the girls who were certain they could dodge lightning bolts. The storms saw Braelan and Lucinda have to wait until next morning for their steeplechase golds after their races were called off and held over. Braelan’s double gold medal winning performance in the steeple and 3000m is even more remarkable as he had flown straight to the championships from the Australian Youth Triathlon in Queensland where he was part of the Gold medal winning relay team.

Congratulations to all our athletes who competed. Some were happier with their results than others. Remember that just achieving a qualifying time to compete at the championships is something to be proud of, and at Junior level, even the most disastrous of races can teach valuable lessons that will be important to your future results.

Special congratulations to our medallists as follows.

GOLD          Lilli Burdon               U18       3000m              9.52

                    Brodie Modini           U17       1500m              3.57

       Braelan Renton        U16       3000m              8.49

Braelan Renton         U16       Steeple             6.17

Katrina Robinson      U15       3000m              9.54

Justin Currie             U15       3000m              9.32

Lucinda Crouch        U15       Steeple             7.11

SILVER      Isabella Smith*         U18        1500m              4.31

Elena Green            U16         1500m             4.33

Elena Green            U16         3000m             9.41

BRONZE    Marlie Campton       U18        1500m             4.33

Lachlan Cook          U18         3000m             8.47

Brodie Modini          U17          800m              1.57

Lucinda Crouch      U15         1500m             4.39

Lucinda Crouch      U15         3000m            10.18

* Isabella Smith – prime coach Eric Brown


32 middle distance medals at the Queensland Junior Championships on February 21-23 was yet another record – up from 26 last year.

GOLD         Louis McAfee            U20     1500m            4.01

                   Olivia Burdon             U18     3000m            9.56

                   Marlie Campton         U18     1500m            4.35

                   Elena Green              U16     3000m            9.54

                   Elena Green              U16     1500m            4.42

                   Braelan Renton         U16     3000m            9.07

                   Braelan Renton         U16     Steeple           6.36

                   Louisa Scott-Young   U16       800m            2.16

                   Brianna Campton      U14      1500m           4.51

                   Brianna Campton      U14        800m           2.20

SILVER      Jacquie Soden          U20       5000m          18.16

                   Eloise Carroll            U20      Steeple          14.39

                   Isabella Smith*         U18       1500m            4.37

                   Marlie Campton        U18        800m             2.12

                   Katrina Robinson      U16      3000m            9.56

                  Jared Pascoe            U16       1500m            4.25

                  Cara Feain-Ryan       U16        1500m           4.43

                  Courtney Thwaites    U16          800m            2.17

                  Lucinda Crouch         U16       Steeple           7.21

                  Harry Briggs              U14        1500m           4.43

                 Lara Crouch               U14        1500m           4.54

                 Lara Crouch               U14          800m           2.21

BRONZE Jacquie Soden           U20        1500m          4.47

                 Louis McAfee             U20          800m          1.56

                 Isabella Smith*           U18         800m           2.12   

                 Brodie Modini             U18         800m           1.55

                 Cara Feain-Ryan       U16        3000m         10.20

                 Justin Currie              U16        3000m          9.19

                 Justin Currie              U16        1500m          4.25

                 Courtney Thwaites    U16        1500m          4.47

                 Jared Pascoe            U16          800m          2.05

                 Will Harris                 U14          800m          2.18

* Isabella Smith – prime coach Eric Brown

Good luck to all at Junior Nationals in Sydney.