Border Striders

Results 2015

LILLI BURDON broke two state records, one from 1987, while JUSTIN CURRIE bettered a 24 year-old record at in the state championships , Oct.22-5, at QE11. We won 14 of a possible 36 middle distance gold medals (40%) and an equal-record 34 medals all up

Lilli Burdon                17yrs 1500m  4.28 (REC)
Lilli Burdon                16/17yrs 3000m  9.35 (REC)
Brodie Modini            17yrs 1500m  3.56
Cara Feain-Ryan       16/17yrs steeple  6.56
Cara Feain-Ryan       16yrs 1500m  4.39
Issi Burdon                16yrs 800m  2.13
Callum Davies           16yrs 800m  1.57
Lachlan Cowley         16yrs 1500m  3.59
Courtney Thwaites     15yrs 800m  2.11
Justin Currie               15yrs 800m 1.55 (REC)
Lara Crouch               14yrs 1500m  4.35
Elle Rutherford           13yrs 800m  2.14
Mackenzey Ormiston  13yrs 1500m  4.39
Lily Dolton                   18/19yrs 1500m  5.04      

India Williams             16yrs 1500m  4.43
Callum Davies            16yrs 1500m  4.01
Courtney Thwaites     15yrs 1500m  4.39
Justin Currie               15yrs 1500m  4.07
Elin Walters                13/15yrs steeple  7.13
Leah Simpson            14yrs 800m  2.12
Ellie Ryan                   13yrs 800m  2.15
Ellie Ryan                   13yrs 1500m  4.41
Trent Darbyshire        13yrs 800m  2.07
Lily Dolton                  18/19yrs 3000m  11.15
Jayden Waldron         18/19yrs steeple  6.55
Daniel Bounty            AWD 1500m  n.a.

Jazmin Smith            15yrs 800m  2.13
Courtney Thwaites    13/15yrs steeple  7.20
Lara Crouch              14yrs 800m  2.14
Jack Salcedo            14yrs 1500m  4.17
Amelia Mabarrack    18/19yrs 1500m  5.07
Amelia Mabarrack    18/19yrs 3000m  11.29
Daniel Bounty           AWD 800m  2.33
Alex Olders              AWD 1500m  n.a.

ANNA JONES and MAICEY LYNCH won 800m golds at the Queensland Primary Schools Championships in Townsville on Oct16-17 Seven of our runners made the Nationals:
GOLD      Anna Jones  12yrs 800m  2.20;
                Maicey Lynch  10yrs 800m  2.31;
                Lara Pert  12yrs Multi-Event  (800m) 2.31;
                Ethan Smith  11yrs Multi-Event  (800m) 2.27;
                Trista Hockey  10yrs Mulit-Event  (800m)  2.41.
SILVER   Oscar Rutherford  11yrs Multi-Event  (800m) 2.25
BRONZE Rebecca Webb  10yrs 800m  2.35

                Rebecca Webb 10yrs Multi-Event (800m) 2.46
Also congratulations to our Sarah Champley (17yrs 400m) and Charlie Ormiston (AWD 200m) on their selection to represent NSW at National Schools.

August 29 at Moonee Valley was cold with the odd sprinkle of rain, but nowhere near as bad as we expected. The course was flat and fast with little chance of recovery for those stuck at the back of the supposedly “fair” starting boxes. Four medals and five through to the World Interschool Cross-Country consolidated our position at the top of Australia’s junior squads. To put that in perspective, Victoria won seven junior medals and three of them came in one race! Our 13 year girls would’ve won the team gold medal had we competed as a State with five of them in the top 10.
GOLD       Mackenzey Ormiston  13yrs  3000m  9.45
SILVER    Justin Currie  14-15yrs  4000m  14.16
BRONZE  Jacquie Soden  U/20yrs  6000m  20.55
                 Lachlan Cook  U/20  8000m  25.52
Off the track it’s fair to say St.Kildas’ Blue Fig was pillaged of every morsel of food, Acland Street cake shops did a roaring trade and Southern Cross Outlets/Vic Markets enjoyed a spike in trade.
Congratulations to our Lucinda and Lara Crouch, Issi Burdon, Brianna Campton and Alex Clements on their selection for the World Interschool Cross Country next year (Prague/Budapest/Vienna).


State School Cross Country Championship action started with the NSW All-Schools held in icy conditions at Eastern Creek on July 17. The Sydney runners probably thought they’d take over after Mackenzey Ormiston relocated to Qld. Wrong! We just replaced one star with another:-
GOLD    Morgan Mathews      13yrs     3000m           12.44
Finn Reece (5th/12yrs) and Casey O’Brien (13yrs) also made the NSW team for National Cross.

Two days later the newly-combined QUEENSLAND SCHOOLS CROSS-COUNTRY took place at wind-blown Runaway Bay on a zig-zag course. Our 14-medal haul led all squads/clubs again and our 13 year girls won the trifecta:

GOLD           Bradley Warnes            16yrs           6000m               20.24

  Mackenzey Ormiston    13yrs           3000m               11.09

  Dakota Farrell-Thomas 11yrs           3000m               11.52 

  Tayden Tomich             10yrs           2000m                 8.01

  Daniel Bounty                AWD           3000m               12.47

SILVER        Brodie Modini                17yrs           6000m               19.46

  Lucinda Crouch             16yrs           4000m               14.54 

  Lara Crouch                  14yrs            4000m              15.22 

  Alexander Stitt               13yrs           4000m               13.50

  Chloe McLennan           13yrs           3000m               11.20

BRONZE      Amelia Mabarrack         18yrs           6000m               23.53 

  Daisy Fahey                  13yrs           3000m               11.25

  Anna Jones                   12yrs           3000m               11.47    Jack Partridge               12yrs           3000m               11.10

The state selectors also named Jayda Anderson (10yrs), Harrison Turner (11yrs), Tayla Behr, Ellie Ryan and Jaxon Paterson-Wright (13yrs), Bree Watson, Leah Simpson and Jack Salcedo (14yrs), Courtney Thwaites (15yrs), India Williams, Cara Feain-Ryan and Thwane Fouche (16yrs) and Lilli Burdon (17yrs) for the Nationals at Melbourne’s Moonee Valley Racecourse on Aug.29. Brianna Campton, Alex Clements and Issi Burdon (along with Lara and Lucinda) will also race in what is the World Interschool Cross-Country Trial at the Nationals.

The final State Cross Country championships was the Queensland Juniors and Open at hilly Limestone Park on a warmish August 1. Nine medals saw us lead the pack, with another sixteen nominating for state team selection.

GOLD           JacquieSoden                    U20           6000m         20.55 

  Tayla Behr                          U14           3000m         10.27

  Dakota Farrell-Thomas      U12            2000m          7.43

SILVER        Lachlan Cook                     U20            8000m        24.43

                     Natasha Yates                   35-44yrs     8000m        35.03

                     Brianna Campton               U16            4000m        15.10

                     Justin Currie                       U16            4000m        13.05

                     Emma-Kate Watt                U12            2000m         7.52

                     Kyah Anderson                   U10            1000m         3.46

BRONZE      Bree Watson                       U16            4000m       15.18

Selected on the Qld Heat team are:

13yrs       Isabelle Gordon, Mackenzie Cullinane, Elin Walters, 

                Will O’Meara, Oliver Cronin

14/15yrs  Christabel Kingdon, Katey Brassey, Justin Currie

                Conor Oslington-Elliot, Tom Courtney, Kobi Rutherford

                Daniel Bounty

16/17yrs  April Scurr, Callum Davies, Lachlan Cowley, Marlie Campton

U20yrs    Jacquie Soden, Lily Dolton, Kristy Rigby, Lachlan Cook

               Jeremy Briggs, Jordan Pizzica

Open      James Turner, Jayden Waldron

Congratulations all, and Victorians, here we come!


The postponed QUEENSLAND ALL-SCHOOLS CROSS-COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS at Kedron on May 9 saw us capture 23 medals (30% of the total!), including 8 golds and the 13 year girls trifecta.

GOLD                Amelia Mabarrack       18/19yrs          6km            25.30

 Olivia Burdon                 17yrs            4km            14.26

 Brodie Modini                 17yrs            6km            20.22

 Isabella Burdon              16yrs            4km            15.29

 Lara Crouch                   14yrs            4km            15.29

 Mackenzey Ormiston     13yrs            3km            10.51

 Kody Hockey                   8yrs             1km             3.54

 Alexander Olders            AWD            3km           12.20

SILVER             Thwane Fouche              16yrs            4km           15.33

 Bradley Warnes              16yrs            6km           21.22

 Lucinda Crouch               15yrs           4km           15.28

 Justin Currie                    15yrs           4km           13.43

 Tayla Behr                       13yrs           3km           11.10

 Anna Jones                     12yrs           3km           11.45

 Dakota Farrell-Thomas   11yrs           3km           11.49

 Emily Olders                     9yrs          1500m          6.15

 Kyah Anderson                 8yrs           1km             3.51

BRONZE           Lily Dolton                       18/19yrs      6km            26.27

 Courtney Thwaites          15yrs           4km           15.33

 Leah Simpson                 14yrs           4km           15.58

 Ellie Ryan                        13yrs           3km           11.14

 Jack Partridge                 12yrs           3km           11.06

 Emily Dreyzin-Howell       9yrs          1500m          6.17

With 6 individual Australian champions and eight silver medals, it’s safe to say we were again the No.1 middle distance squad at the Junior Nationals in Sydney on March 11-15. Taking the U/14 girls 1500m quinella was a rare feat. Other highlights included beanbag slides, watching Rudisha’s warmup (endless jog laps and combo drills) and a photo-ambush of Jack Hale by three of our girls at the airport. 

GOLD               Olivia Burdon               U/18            1500m             4.26

Brodie Modini               U/18            1500m             4.03

Lucinda Crouch            U/16            2km  steeple   6.57

Lara Crouch                 U/15            1500m             4.39

Mackenzey Ormiston   U/14            1500m             4.47

Daniel Bounty              AWD            1500m  5.19 (88%)

SILVER            Olivia Burdon                U/18            3000m            9.41

April Scurr                    U/17            3000m          10.12

Lucinda Crouch            U/16            3000m           9.57

Justin Currie                 U/16            3000m           9.02

Lara Crouch                 U/15              800m           2.14

Elle Rutherford             U/14              800m           2.14

Ellie Ryan                     U/14            1500m           4.51

Daniel Bounty              AWD              800m   2.36 (84%)

Also congratulations to Amelia Schofield for her bronze medal in the U/15 girls 3000m walk, racing up an age and 1min-plus PB.

MACKENZEY ORMISTON earned selection for the Little Athletics Nationals (Perth, April 26) after her two medals at State in Brisbane on March 21-22. Our U/9 girls provided us a rare quadrella in the 800m with EMILY OLDERS fourth behind the medallists pictured on the front page.

GOLD            Jake Lemke                   U/15               800m            2.11

   Mackenzey Ormiston     U/13             1500m            4.49
   Lara Pert                        U/12               800m            2.28
   Emma-Kate Watt            U/11               800m            2.39
   Maicey Lynch                 U/10               800m            2.44
   Rebecca Webb                U/9                800m           2.42*

   *State Record

SILVER         Courtney Thwaites          U/15               800m           2.19  

                      Courtney Thwaites          U/15              1500m          4.54
                      Mackenzey Ormiston      U/13                800m          2.27
                      Emma-Kate Watt             U/11              1500m          5.20
                      Tayden Tomich                U/9                  800m          2.44*

                       *Also broke State Record

BRONZE       Isabella Schofield            U/13              1500m         5.06
                      Amelia Schofield              U/12              1500m         5.20
                      Dakota Farrell-Thomas    U/11                800m         2.40
                      Dakota Farrell-Thomas    U/11              1500m         5.24
                      Anika Clarke                     U/9                 800m         2.51

Also congratulations to our race walking gold medallists Amelia Schofield, Scarlett Schofield and Adam Buchhorn.

The Queensland Junior Track Championships brought us a record 39 medal bonanza at QSAC on Feb 26 – March 1. This was up on last year’s record 32 medals and as a result QAA named 39 of our runners in it’s Heat team for the Nationals in Sydney Mach 11 – 15. Other highlights included Border Striders taking every girls 1500m except the U20’s, and the 1500 / 3000m U17 girls trifecta.

GOLD                Lachlan Cook            U20            5000m            14.55

 Brodie Modini            U20            1500m             3.55

Jordan Pizzica            U20            3km steeple   10.29

Marlie Campton          U18            1500m              5.18

Cara Feain-Ryan        U17            3000m            10.15

India Williams             U17            1500m              4.50

Justin Currie               U16            3000m              9.14

Hugh Williamson        U16            2km steeple      6.44

Lucinda Crouch          U16            3000m            10.12

Lucinda Crouch          U16            2km steeple     7.19

Courtney Thwaites     U16            1500m              4.50

Courtney Thwaites     U16              800m              2.14

Lara Crouch               U15             1500m             4.51

Lara Crouch               U16              800m              2.16

Mackenzey Ormiston U15             3000m            10.13

Mackenzey Ormiston U14             1500m             4.49

Elle Rutherford           U14              800m              2.18

Daniel Bountry            AWD          1500m              5.32

Daniel Bounty             AWD            800m              2.42

SILVER             Emily Beston              U18            2km steeple     7.56

Sarah Champley        U18              800m              2.15

Thwane Fouche         U17             2km steeple     7.35

April Scurr                  U17             3000m            10.21

April Scurr                  U17             1500m             4.50

Lachlan Cowley         U17              1500m             4.16

Justin Currie               U16             1500m             4.18  

Jazmin Smith              U16              800m              2.18

Brianna Campton        U15             800m               2.18

Ellie Ryan                    U14            1500m             4.54

Ellie Ryan                    U14             800m              2.22

BRONZE          Lachlan Cook               U20           1500m             3.57

John Lean                    U20            800m              1.56

Jayden Waldron           U20           3km steeple    11.00

Marlie Campton           U18             800m              2.19

Thwane Fouche           U17           3000m            10.29

Thwane Fouche           U17           1500m             4.56

Callum Davies             U17            1500m             4.16

Callum Davies             U17              800m             2.02

Bronte Thompson        U16            3000m           10.45

Congratulations also to Jasmine Hayes who won the 200m hurdles, and to Adam Bucchorn and Amelia Schofield who won state U14 race walk titles. Adam’s win is the first time in Queensland that the victory has gone to an 11 year old!