Border Striders

Results 2013

At the Australian All-Schools Championships in Townsville on December 6-8 we won 14 medals. This was almost 25% of all middle distance medals and put us ahead of the whole of Victoria (9 medals)! Our previous record was 9 in 2000 and 2008. Conditions were blustery and humid but that didn’t stop us! Look out NSW – YOU’RE NEXT 🙂

GOLD        Brodie Modini       U16    800m                 1.59

                  Brodie Modini       U16    1500m               4.13

                  Elena Green         U16    3000m               10.05

SILVER     Jacquie Soden      U18    3000m               10.09

                  Louis McAfee        U18    3000m                8.51

                  Elena Green          U16   1500m                4.26

                  Braelan Renton     U16   2km Steeple       6.20

                  Lucinda Crouch    U14    1500m               4.43

                 Courtney Thwaites U14    800m                 2.17

                 Justin Currie           U14    800m                 2.10

BRONZE  Gabi Forrest           U18    2km Steeple      7.09

                 Braelan Renton      U16    3000m               9.16

                 Courtney Thwaites U14    1500m               4.45

                 Justin Currie           U14    1500m               4.25


The Australian Primary School Track & Field Championships, held at Brisbane’s QEII on November 24 produced an Australian record run by our Elle Rutherford (see News page for full report). Our medallists were:

GOLD        Elle Rutherford    11yr  800m  2.17.44 AUST. RECORD

                  Will Barker          11yr Tetrathlon 800m  2.23 (from 2nd to 1st)

                  Lara Pert             10yr Tetrathlon 800m 2.35 (from 4th to 1st)

SILVER      Elle Rutherford     11yrs Tetrathlon 800m


State Athletics championships were kicked off with the NSW All Schools (secondary schools), being held at Sydney Olympic Park from October 10 – 13. Competitors on day one had to deal with the hottest day ever recorded in October in Sydney, while scorching conditions and extreme winds rounded off the championships, with the final race, the 14yr girls 3000m, being held as the adjacent car park literally exploded in the heat with some 70 cars going up in flames! Congratulations to all who competed in these extreme conditions, our medallists were:

GOLD        Brianna Campton  12 yr girls 800  2.21

                  Brianna Campton   12 yr girls 1500 4.53

                  Marlie Campton      15yr girls 800  2.10

SILVER     Jacquie Soden       17yr girls 3000m 10.08

BRONZE  Jacquie Soden       17yr girls 1500m 4.51

                 Cara Feain-Ryan    14yr girls 3000m 10.35

Queensland followed with Primary School athletics held at QSAC on October 16. We won all the girls 800m gold medals, and 11 year old Elle Rutherford broke the state record – and was faster than all but three 12 year old boys – sorry boys!

GOLD         Anna Jones             10yr girls 800m  2.34

                   Elle Rutherford         11yr girls 800m  2.20 (Record)

                   Lara Crouch             12yr girls 800m  2.21

SILVER      Ellie Ryan                 11yr girls 800m  2.27

BRONZE    Leah Simpson          12yr girls 800m  2.23

These five will compete at Nationals along with Lara Pert (10yrs Tetrathlon, silver), Will Barker (11yrs Tetrathlon, silver), Alex Olders (AWD 800m), Alessia Catalano (bronze 200m) and Annie McGuire, Lizzie Moss, and James Smith (jumps medallists).   

Finally, the Queensland Secondary Championships held on Oct 24-27 netted us a record 15 golds, 10 silvers, and nine bronze.  

GOLD       Eloise Carroll              18-19yr girls steeple   9.12

                 Gabbi Forrest             17yr girls    1500m      4.44

                 Gabbi Forrest             16-17yr girls steeple   7.10

                 Lachlan Cook              16yr boys  1500m     4.00

                 Lilli Burdon                  15yr girls    800m      2.11

                 Lilli Burdon                  15yr girls   1500m     4.36

                 Brodie Modini              15yr boys  1500m     4.07

                 Elena Green                14-15yr girls 3000m  9.49

                 Elena Green                14yr girls    1500m    4.39

                 Issi Burdon                  14yr girls     800m     2.14

                 Braelan Renton            13-15 yr boys steeple 6.30

                 Courtney Thwaites        13yr girls    800m      2.16

                 Courtney Thwaites        13yr girls   1500m     4.41

                 Justin Currie                13yr boys    800m     2.06

                 Justin Currie                13yr boys   1500m    4.24

SILVER      Loius McAfee               17yr boys  1500m    3.59

                  Louis McAfee              16-17yr boys 3000m 8.41

                  Lachlan Cook              16yr boys     800m    1.54

                  Max Daddo                  16yr boys    1500m   4.08

                  Lilli Burdon                   14-15yr girls 3000m 10.18

                  Emily Beston                13-15yr girls steeple  7.30

                  April Scurr                   14yr girls     1500m   4.41

                  Rachel Pieszko             14yr girls      800m   2.15

                  Lucinda Crouch            13yr girls      800m   2.19

                  Lucinda Crouch            13yr girls     1500m  4.44

BRONZE    Eloise Carroll                18-19yr girls 1500m  5.38

                  Eloise Carroll                18-19yr girls 3000m  12.37

                  Sophie Malowiecki        16-17yr girls 3000m 10.14

                  Maddie McGuire            16yr girls      800m   2.14

                  Max Daddo                   16-17yr boys steeple 6.31

                  Brodie Modini                15yr boys     800m   1.58

                  April Scurr                    14-15yr girls 3000m  10.25

                  Braelan Renton             14-15yr boys 3000m   9.01

                  Rachel Pieszko              14yr girls      1500m   4.53