Border Striders
                                Oct.16/17--30/31 2021
  • * We won 11 Golds, 2 Silvers & 3 Bronzes in MLD (Middle/Long Distance) races to reclaim #1. GOLD
  • ISABELLA HARTE U/17yr 3000m 9.19 PB/WJQ
  • Greatest run by a 16 year old in Qld School Championship history, given the QSS record by future international Katrina Robinson is 9.27. World Junior Qualifier!!
  • ISABELLA HARTE U/17yr 1500m 4.36 NQ
  • HARVEY CRAMB U/18yr 2km Steeple 6.03 PB/NQ * Compares favourably with the QSS record (5.59) of Ky Robinson.
  • JOSEPH SAUNDERS U/17yr 2km Steeple 6.03 PB/NQ * But for SARS-2, Joe would be the new QSS record-holder (stands at 6.07).
  • AMY PARTRIGE U/18yr 3000m 10.16 NQ * Three golds-in-a-row for this model of consistency. Km splits of 3.20/3.26/3.30.
  • SELWYN RUSSELL U/15yr 2km Steeple 7.45 NQ * Her maiden State title was memorable, dodging kookaburras and crash-landing deep into WJ #3. Arose and then ran ’em down! Unbelievably tough.
  • CAIDEN MACFARLANE U/14yr 1500m 4.20 NQ * A tactical masterpiece by Aust’s #2, delivering a 3-lap negative split for the ages!
  • ELKE RAYWARD U/12yr 800m 2.26 PB * Went for the NQ with a 1.10 opener only to miss by a micro-second. Impressive.
  • ELKE RAYWARD U/12yr 1500m 5.02 * Gave her rivals no chance & qualified for Nationals under the “Top 3” rule.
  • ELSA CHAN U/20yr 3km Steeple 11.57 WJTQ * Took a dip at WJ #5 but held her composure to clinch her first State title.
  • ROB STRINGER U/20yr Open 800m 1.56 * A thriller with Rob converting a 61sec opener into an irrepressible 55sec close. Other State Champions:-
  • ADDISON HOUSLIP Qld Junior All-Schools Triathlon
  • * One of only four 12 year olds in 24 years to win this highly-contested title. AND after a 3-month injury layoff!
  • ELKE RAYWARD Qld Primary All-Schools Aquathon * Kept our string of winners alive in what is THE PREDOMINANT talent ID event in Qld.
  • LYLA WILLIAMS NSW Open Schools 3km Walk 13.54 PB/NQ * Won in a sprint finish to demonstrate her technical soundness as well as her fitness. SILVER
  • OSCAR RAYNER U/17yr 2km Steeple 6.23 NQ *Part of an historic squad trifecta, Oscar was primed after his GPS 3.57 (NQ/PB).
  • JOSEPH SAUNDERS U/17yr 3000m 8.41 NQ/PB * The 2.42 final km (67sec last lap) left Joe just 2secs off Gold. BRONZE
  • VINNIE BUHAGIAR U/17yr 2km Steeple 6.23 NQ/PB * Clinched a trifecta unmatched by any other squad! History!!
  • ELSA CHAN U/20yr 3000m 10.52 PB * Km splits of 3.24/3.42/3.47 secured a podium for our first-year runner.
  • SHANTEAL HANSEN U/20yr 3km Steeple * Steepled nicely early, then hung on to win yet another State medal. Other Bronze medals:-
  • JOSEPH SAUNDERS U/20yr 5000m 14.50 PB/WJTQ * A sensational debut over the distance and first ever to break 15 in the Div.2 race.
  • ASHLEY PLANE Qld All-Schools Junior Triathlon
  • * Consistent top-6 times across the swim/bike/run legs secured a podium for Asley.
  • BRIDGE TO BRISBANE road race Nov.7
    • #1 Junior (U/20yr 4.5km) JAXON PATERSON-WRIGHT 14.04 PB
    • #1 Junior (14-18yr 10km) JACKSON CRANITCH 32.08 PB
    • #2 Junior (14-18yr 4.5k) HARVEY CRAMB 14.07 PB
  • UQ 1500m CLASSIC St Lucia Oct.20
    • 1st ISABELLA HARTE Women’s Classic (8sec PB!) 4.23 PB/CGTQ
    • 2nd ELKE RAYWARD 12yrs/Under (Aged 10!) 4.56 PB/NQ
    • 2nd JACKSON CRANITCH Men’s Open Div.1 4.02
    • 2nd ELLA COSGRAVE 12yrs/Under Div.2 5.20 PB
    • 2nd ELLA BROWN Sec.Schhols Div.3 4.55
    • 3rd HARVEY CRAMB Sec.Schools Div.1 3.58 PB


  • JACKSON CRANITCH U/20yr 5000m 15.07
  • JAXON PATERSON-WRIGHT U/23yr 1500m (3.55)/5000m (15.06)
  • ROBERT STRINGER U/20yr 800m (1.54)/1500m (3.55)
  • JOSEPH SAUNDERS U/18yr 1500m (4.02)/3000m (8.39)
  • ELLA BROWN U/17yr 3000m 10.35
  • OSCAR RAYNER U/18yr 1500m 3.58
  • SELWYN RUSSELL U/16yr 2km Steeple 7.30
  • CAIDEN MACFARLANE U/15yr 800m 2.05
  • JEMMA WILSON U/16yr 2km Steeple 7.51
  • HOLLY-MAREE MATTHEW U/15yr 3000m 10.54
  • SUMMER PHILLIPS U/14yr 400m 62.9secs

One long hill every 2km lap. Unseasonably warm. Races brought forward to beat Lockdown.

GOLD ELKE RAYWARD 11yrs 3km 11.09

  • The star SLS nipper replicated her 2019 victory at Maleny with a dominant display, setting
    up a lead by 1km, then powering away to a 22sec. win. Earned State Team representation.

GOLD ISABELLA HARTE 16yrs 4km 14.04

  • After a cautious opening lap, Izzy hammered the final 2km to record the fastest time of the
    day and a 14sec victory. That gave her the State Cross trifecta and 4-in-a-row QJX wins.


  • The 2016 QSSX champ returned to his best running near the front throughout the 4-lap test.

SILVER AMY PARTRIGE 17yrs 4km 15.01

  • Cleared out from her rivals on the second uphill to clinch yet another State medal.


  • The Qld Primary School Aquathon champion ran her own race throughout to secure her
    breakout State medal and her first Qld Team selection for National Cross-Country.

BRONZE GIA ANTONIO 8yrs 1km 4.06

  • Last year’s winner recorded the same time as the silver medallist in a thrilling finish.

OUR NATIONAL QUALFIERS (QA Merit plus QSS/PS prognostication):-
10 Years old Bianca Antonio

11 Years old Elke Rayward, Ella Cosgrave, Kelsey Rolff

12 Years old Addison Houslip, Zarah Farrington

13 Years old Holly-Maree Matthew, Bianca Rayward, Caiden MacFarlane

15 Years old Emma McDonald, Ruby Hughes

16 Years old Isabella Harte, Joseph Saunders, Vincent Buhagiar

17 Years old Amy Partrige

18/19 Years old Jaxon Paterson-Wright, Jack Partrige, Gabby Hill, Elsa Chan, Clayton Moore &
Ewan Smith.

The traditional Met West course was used. Conditions fine.

GOLD ADDISON HOUSLIP 12yrs 3km 10.33

  • The race-of-the-day saw Addie break through for her maiden State running title. Several lead changes and a hard pace had the co-leaders out on their feet coming
    into the final straight with Addie grinding out a famous victory.

GOLD ISABELLA HARTE 16yrs 4km 13.19

  • Izzy led throughout for a Championship “5-peat” & fastest time of the day.

BRONZE AMY PARTRIGE 17yrs 4km 14.20

  • A hard surge on the second uphill kilometre proved the key to Amy’s 4th QSS medal.


GOLD      ISABELLA HARTE              16yrs 4km      14.10                       *  5 titles-in-a-row.  Fastest 4km time of the day.         

GOLD      CAIDEN MACFARLANE    13yrs 3km      10.22                       *  His 4th QASX title.   

SILVER   GABRIELLA HILL               U/20yrs 6km  24.05                       *  Her 2nd QASX medal.         

SILVER   ADDISON HOUSLIP            12yrs 3km      11.30          9 of our runners won automatic selection to National Cross.


   GOLD      CALLUM DAVIES   Open 4km     12.13      *  It was his first State cross medal of any colour.        

 BRONZE  WAYNE ADAMS                  40-49yrs 4k  15.32


GOLD       CALLUM DAVIES               1500m           3.45                        *  3-straight 1500m titles.     

GOLD       CALLUM DAVIES               5000m         14.34 April  AUSTRALIAN TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPS, Sydney

SILVER    CAIDEN MACFARLANE   U/14 1500m   4.23 PB        

BRONZE  JOSEPH SAUNDERS          U/17 Steeple   6.07 PB                        *  Also top 10 in 3000m (PB 8.59)       

SILVER    LYLA WILLIAMS              U/15 3k walk 15.08 PB          5th            

OSCAR RAYNER               U/17 Steeple    6.16 PB                        *  Also 3000m in 9.08 PB          6th            

CALLUM DAVIES             Open 1500m    3.38 PB                        *  #5 All-Time Queenslander                       

VINCENT BUHAGIAR      U/17 Steeple    6.22 PB          8th             

SELWYN RUSSELL           U/15 Steeple    7.54         10th           

ELSA CHAN                        U/20 Steeple  12.06         

ADDISON HOUSLIP #3/12yrs in U/14yr 1500m (4.55)


 GOLD        CATHRYN RAYWARD   Masters 4km Beach Run             *  Also silver in Beach Sprint       

 GOLD        FIN BOOKER                    U/14yrs 2km Beach Run      

 SILVER    EMMA MCDONALD        U/15yrs 2km Beach Run         BRONZE  JASMINE RAYWARD      Junior Iron                        *  Also named in Aust. Junior Talent Squad (Kayak).


GOLD      LYLA WILLIAMS          U/14 1500m walk 6.59 PB                       *  3 years-in-a-row.       

GOLD      ELLA COSGRAVE         U/12 1100m walk


 GOLD      CALLUM DAVIES  Open 1500m         3.45                       *  3 years-in-a-row (1st time in a quarter century).         

GOLD      ALANASIA MALONE   Open 3k Steeple  11.57         

GOLD      CAIDEN MACFARLANE U/14 1500m       4.32 PB         

GOLD      JOSEPH SAUNDERS     U/17yr Steeple       6.13 PB        *  3 years-in-a-row.          

GOLD      KYLE WILLIS                Para 800m              2.22         

GOLD      LYLA WILLIAMS          U/15 3km walk     15.30         

GOLD      GABRIELLA HILL         U/20 10k walk      54.37                       *  Robyn Wales is their race walking coach.         

SILVER   CALLUM DAVIES         Open 800m             1.52          

SILVER   LACHLAN RAYNER     U/16yr Steeple        6.34      

BRONZE   ROBERT STRINGER     U/20yr 800m           1.55        

BRONZE   ELSA CHAN                   U/20yr Steeple       12.10        

BRONZE   HARVEY CRAMB         U/18yr Steeple         6.06        

BRONZE   BRIDGET MORRISSEY U/18yr Steeple        7.45        

BRONZE   JOSEPH SAUNDERS     U/17yr 1500m         4.09       

BRONZE   OSCAR RAYNER           U/17yr Steeple        6.23       

BRONZE   SELWYN RUSSELL       U/15yr Steeple        7.43

Sydney national athletics championships 2021

Lyla Williams PB 15.08 to clinch Silver for 3000m Walk

Caiden Macfarlane SILVER Medal 1500m 4.23 Caiden’s splits were1.04(!)/1.12/1.14/1.12

Addie Houslip 11 years old the youngest in the U/14yr girls 1500m 1.10/1.22/1.24 and a 1.21


NATIONAL TRACKA silver medal in the U/14yr 1500m (PB 4.23) by CAIDEN MACFARLANE (Pic in pre-kick mode) and the U/17 Steeplebronze (PB 6.07) by JOSEPH SAUNDERS led the way.

STATE TRACK Open titles to CALLUM DAVIES (1500m “3-peat”)

ALANASIA MALONE (Steeple) and junior golds to CAIDEN MACFARLANE, JOSEPH SAUNDERS & KYLE WILLIS highlighted our 14 medals & 23 National Qualifiers.

QLD ALL-SCHOOLS CROSS-COUNTRYA resurgent IZZY HARTE spearheaded our 4-medal haulwith 7 earning early selection for Nationals in Adelaide.

STATE SHORT COURSE CROSS-COUNTRY CALLUM DAVIES is mid-purple patch with his 3rd at Zatopek 1500m eclipsed by a 6th at the Olympic Trials 1500m (=PB 3.38) and then followed by UQ Sports Star of the Year Award, the Aust.

Uni Games 1500m/5000m double gold and our first victories at State Men’s 4km Cross and theUQ Great Court Race!
“AUSSIES” (Surf Life Saving Beach Runs)Golds to FIN BOOKER (U/14) & CATHRYN RAYWARD(Masters).
See Results Page for details.

2021 National athletics Championship Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Nationals Day 1/2x


Caiden gave our Nationals campaign a flying start with his Silver medal in the U/14yr 1500m at Sydney Olympic Park.He slashed 6sec’s off his PB (4.23) and it took an Australian Record to snap his 2 year unbeaten streak. Caiden’s splits were1.04(!)/1.12/1.14/1.12 in securing his maiden national medal.

Addie, at 11 the youngest in the U/14yr girls 1500m, stunnedher 12 higher-ranked rivals with a blistering PB opening 400m(1.10) and leading through 900m!. Splits of 1.10/1.22/1.24 anda 1.21 close rewarded her with #3 (age) and a near-PB 4.55!!!

HOLLY-MAREE MATTHEW tuned up for her 800m with acreditable 5.04. I ended up $50 lighter for buying ’em dinner!!

“Olympic Trial” & “World U/20 Trial”.

Pic of our Alanasia Malone lined up at the start of the Olympic Trial steeplechase beside eventual winner Genevieve Gregson

Pic of Elsa Chan at start of World U/20 Trial steeplechase with big smile.

Day 3

Pic of our Shanteal Hansen at first water jump in 4th place early in WJ Trial Steeple (with her name on the scoreboard in background!)